Why Digital Marketers should Invest in Out-of-Home(OOH) Ad?


An article about Out-of-Home(OOH) in relation to digital marketing inspired me…

Challenges in Digital Sectors

Advertising in the digital market is never easy. As highlighted by Marc Pritchard of P&G, we are facing a number of challenges such as viewability, measurement and ad fraud.

Forward-thinking digital marketers intend to build brand and drive sales in more creative ways through new technologies and fast-evolving media routes, where viewability and other issues, like ad blocking, can be solved.

OOH Introduce Great Route

Out-of-Home(OOH) Ad reaches consumers traveling outside of their homes through public displays.

Craig’s mentioned in her article that, the growth of automated trading platforms are lowering the threshold of entry and clearing the old barriers, buying OOH has recently becomes efficient, easy to purchase, transparent and available in real-time.

Digital screen is an example of Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) which gains interest among digital marketers.

The functionality of the digital screen makes it stand out.

  • Video/Audio Enablement – allowing advertisers to run short video and/or music creative in environments like city central (Eg. New York City: Times Square)


Image Source:  Éric Guéguen


Image Source: Pinterest

  • Live Social Media Feeds – where a person can change the content on a screen by messaging through a social media channel (Eg. Telstra Billboard of Love)



Image Source: Rawideas

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 18.49.40.png

Image Source: Taxi Media Group

  • A Wide Range of Other Functionality, Including – facial recognition, high fidelity day part targeting, temperature triggers…

Blogger’s comment:

The developments in OOH, particularly DOOH, requires digital marketers to sit up and take notice of this fast-evolving media – a media they are best positioned to leverage to their advantages.


6 thoughts on “Why Digital Marketers should Invest in Out-of-Home(OOH) Ad?

  1. the8thdegree says:

    I’ve noticed that digital billboards are becoming more common too! When I was doing a marketing internship, I was actually involved in the designing of a digital ad for a billboard in Melbourne. I think these are effective because they have high reach to a mass audience but it is also important to consider that, due to not being able to segment the market through more specialised platforms, the ad needs to be quite general and would work for brands that are not niche and specific to only a small consumer segment.

    (could you please delete my previous comment – wrong account!)

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  2. canopenerno3881 says:

    You are right! Marketers did find it’s challenge in segmenting the market when advertise on normal billboards. That’s why they are developing the functionalities of the digital screens, for example Facial recognition – the ability to deliver a different creative message to men and women as they walk past the screen. Following to the fast developing technology trends, I believe that the OOH will be more competitive in the future with more functions of advertising.

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  3. gawinc says:

    It definitely is an interesting area to interact with customers and I feel more companies are jumping on OOH. I recently read an article on ford OOH ad, that allows customers (even those that don’t own a mustang) to customize their own mustang logo. Their customized logo would then be projected on these giant billboards, quite cool I think as it allows people to express themselves.

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  4. canopenerno3881 says:

    Yeah, true. Digital OOH will probably become the trend in the big city. I like the idea of ford’s OOH ad, that’s smart to interact with massive audience and create brand awareness, as Mustang itself is a very cool car.


  5. Anonymous says:

    An interesting angle. Always choose the appropriate way to present the right ads, and the markierter always need to follow closelywith this fast-changing and dynamic market.

    Liked by 1 person

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